Thunder deities – the might of lightning bolt in a few churches

In many cultures lightning and thunder have been connected with some kind of mighty god. The Thunder God was frequently known as ruler of the deities. Zeus (in Greek mythology) was a chief of Olympus, Perun was a chief of Slavic gods, Thor was a son of Odin (the highest god in Norse myths).

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Zeus – deity of the heaven, lightning, thunder, law, order and justice. In ancient Greece he was known as the most powerful person in pantheon, who oversaw the creation. Ancient painters presented him mostly in standing pose with a thunderbolt levelled in his raised right arm. The lighting bold has been donated him by Cyclops and from this while he had ability over it. Zeus used it in many fights. According to Hesiod’s poem Zeus, in Greek believes, was a sage, fair, careless, but also unforeseeable god.

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He could get angry very quickly. In this moments he brought violent storms and disasters. The only one with who he like to shared his lightning was his love child Athena, the goddess of wisdom, ability and war.

Perun – the highest god in Slavic pantheon, the master of lightings and thunders. He was also a deity of battle. Perun was presented as a unstoppable figure with a copper beard and an weapon (or hammer). In many stories he fight with dragon or a giant reptile, which presents powers of evil. Prince Vladimir the Great in X century tried to made Perun the only diety in Kievan Rus’, but it turned out that Christianity is a better choice.

Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universe (e.g. movies: Avengers, Capitan America: The Winter Soldier, Thor), nowadays, the most popular ancient god is Thor. In Norse mythology he was a son of Odin and Jord, and one of the most forceful gods. He was described as a large figure with red hair and eyes of lighting. His most recognisable attribute is a large hammer, which always go back to his owner. Thor was very famous among his believers (usually depicted as a fearless protector against bad). As well as Perun Thor struggle with snake(dark forces). At the day of Ragnarok (twilight of the gods) Thor will assassinate the serpent, but he will pass away from his poison. This god was very valid in mans believes, as a matter of fact his name is connected to many locationes and even to the day of the week – Thursday means “Thor’s day”, the day of Thor.

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In the past storm, thunderbolt, thunder were something extraordinary and scary. In people’s minds these phenomena were always connected with mighty person, who rule the creation and must be worshiped. That’s why Thunder Gods were so high in the mythological hierarchy.

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