Key points for a great and working retail execution

All around the globe big companies fritter away a lot of cash on the several types of tools and activities which are designed to improve sales. Among the other things, the most well-known term in this field is Retail Execution.

Prepared by: Michael Johnson

But what is that anyway?

Let’s think about a situation where we visit a store in order to buy our beloved chocolate produced by brand . But soon we see that the shelf where it used to be stored is totally empty. What would you do? Almost certainly you would take a different one, and that’s it. From the brand perspective, whenever more consumers will behave like you, the company will lose millions if not billions of dollars. Empty store space means no sales that simply equal no profits. Basically, Retail Execution boils down to all actions connected with the sale process for the ultimate consumer.

Retail Execution
Prepared by: Carmen Rodriguez

The key point here is to gather real-time data from the stores and take action imMediately. Is that even possible? naturally, it is - with the modern applications and software available out there. With that being said, we can easily monitor if our goods are on the stores shelves and act appropriately it if needed.

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An excellent Retail Execution strategy should provide also various in-store special offers to make our products more attractive to the consumers.

As we notices earlier, we could make full use of dedicated application that will help us with preparing a good strategy, with execution and checking all the steps we have made a decision to take. The most important part is the regular analysis and making conclusions out of it to see what works and what’s not.

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