What’s the EPO and who can work as a patent attorney?

We all know a little about the patent subject in general - those large companies are running inside a fierce race to end up being the top one to patent anything that will change the market.

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But do we precisely know what kind of advantages the patent can give you?

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It gives the patent owner the right to work with the invention within a statutory manner eliminating other persons. This will be sort of simple to understand. On the other hand, as a matter of fact, there is a lot of ongoing situations where individuals or huge companies fight in courts because of this patent legislation. Here is the place to talk a bit about European Patent Office and European Patent Attorneys. The first one is the place where special examiners are checking and studying the patent applications. To put is simply - those folks decide whether a person or a organization will grant a patent or not.

With regards to patent lawyers - those are individuals that are professionals in the patent regulation. They have to have certain skills. In the European Union, the case is not so easy though. In order to represent clients, such expert needs to pass a special exam called EQE. This examination is said to be very hard - only 7000 folks have passed it so. However, the test by itself is still not enough.

Among the other things, a person that wants to work in this kind of profession has to have at minimum 3 years experience working within that field. There will be one thing quite specific - due to the growing significance of different technologies in our lives, patent attorneys will always become needed.

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