What items are worth to export to the Russian Federation?

A huge number of company individuals think about working their items to the Putin’s nation – the Russian Federation. It can be a great idea because Russia is a big place where resides more than 140 million people who also love high quality and costly, foreign things. Nevertheless, before you make the best choice, it is relevant to think carefully about the best goods which are specifically adored by Russian men and women.

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Russian gost

Happily, the Russian has presented the list of goods which are brought in from American including global manufacturers. The most profitable things are:
• Shoes – 75% of offered items at Russian market are imported – the imported products were worth $3,7 billion.
• Tights, socks and similar items – 80% of them are imported and they are worth about $14,6 billion.
• Vacuum cleaners and other home products – 95% of those household appliances which are presented at Russian marketplace come from different countries. It is 1 of the greatest amounts. The things were worth $157 billion.
• Meat and another kinds of meat – Russian dealers import around 78% of sold beef. The food is worth $3,5 billion.
• Drugs – it is the last category which is worth to look closer. seventy five% of sold drugs in the Russian Federation are imported. The business is worth about $20 billion.

However, Russia is a country which import many goods, not every person will sell here the things with no unique authorization. The Russian Federation looks after the excellence of foreign products which are brought in to the country. For that reason, here has been introduced special certificate called russian gost but various people label it just gost r.
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The document agrees with that your business produces high quality items according to Russian’s demands and specifications. What is more, if you prepare to export items to the Russian Federation frequently, it is worth to issue long lasting certificate. All of those accreditation can be purchased and provided in any European countries.

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